Foundry Software iCast comes in two different variants. Please go through the module wise comparison below and choose the best suitable option for your foundry.
iCast Pro
iCast Ent
Item Evaluation / Feasibility Form
Customer Order
Inventory & Stores
iCast Pro
iCast Ent
Material Inward (GRN)
Material Issue (Issue Slip)
Material Requisition
Purchase Indent
Casting Inventory & Reports
WIP Inventory & Reports
Raw Material Inventory
Core & Mold Inventory
Returnable/Nonreturnable Gatepass
Batchwise Stock Management
Raw Material Inspection and Report
Gate In / Out
iCast Pro
iCast Ent
RFQ Generate
Supplier Quotation Entry
Quotation Comparison Report
Purchase Order
Casting Purchase Module
Purchase Invoice
Vendor Performance
    Pattern/Die Management
    iCast Pro
    iCast Ent
    Pattern/Die Master
    Pattern/Die Revision History & Comparison
    Pattern/Die PO
    Pattern/Die Inward (From Customer/Vendor)
    Pattern Inspection
    Pattern Rework
    Pattern/Die Release for Production/Return
    Pattern/Die Movement Log
    Pattern/Die Life Reports & Reminders
    Pattern/Die Repairing Cost Report
    Pattern/Die Ammortization Charge Calculation Report
    Pattern/Die Dimension inspection & Report
    Sample Castings Development Monitoring & Process Log
      iCast Pro
      iCast Ent
      Pending Order to Pour
      Daily/Weekly Pouring Plan
      Meltwise Plan
      Mold Production Planning (Backward Plan)
      Core Production Planning (Backward Plan)
      Raw Material Procurement Planning
      Processwise/Stagewise Planning
      Dispatch Plan
        Mold Preparation (Lost Wax/ Lost Foam)
        iCast Pro
        iCast Ent
        Wax/Foam Pattern Production
        Pattern Assembly (Tree Making)
        Stucco Material Application/ Multiple Coating
        De-waxing/ Sintering
          iCast Pro
          iCast Ent
          Mold Production & Rej
          Core Production & Rejection
          Production/Pouring Entry
          Heat Properties
          Material Consumption Entry
          BOQ Validation at Production
          Inhouse Material Production & Assembly Production (BOM Based)
          Mold & Core Sand Production & Consumption
          Process Perform Entry Page
          Material Transfer Entry Page
          Heat Treatment Entry and Log sheet
          Rework Entry
            Machine Shop
            iCast Pro
            iCast Ent
            Machine Shop Entry
            Machine Shop Entry
            Machine Efficiency Report
            Machine Wise Production & Rejection Report
            Operatorwise Production Report
            Tooltip Consumption Reports
              Quality Control
              iCast Pro
              iCast Ent
              Material Rej Entry
              Casting Rej Entry
              Casting Dim inspection Entry
              Dynamic Inspection after production process
              Chemical and Mechanical TC
              Rejection Analysis Reports
              In Process Rejection Analysis
              Customer Rejection Analysis
              Raw Material Rejection Analysis
              Mold Line wise Rejection Analysis
              Processwise Partwise Inspection Report
              MP (Magnetic Particle) Inspection Entry & Certificate
              DP (Dye Penetration) Inspetion Entry & Certificate
              UT (Ultrasound) Inspection Entry & Certificate
              RT (Radiography) Inspection Entry & Certificate
                Manage Rejection
                iCast Pro
                iCast Ent
                Castings On Hold Report
                Rejection Salvage after Inspection
                Convert Rejection to Scrap/Raw Material
                Sale/ Disposal of Rejected Material
                  Jobwork Out Source
                  iCast Pro
                  iCast Ent
                  Jobwork Rate Contract
                  Jobwork Out/Return- Reports & Annexures
                  Jobwork Order
                  Jobwork Invoice
                  Jobwork Inventory Reports
                  Scrap Return Log from Jobwork Process
                  Jobwork for Other Processes (Ex- Molding, Poring, Assembling etc...)
                  Material Out and Loss reports (For material sent out for jobwork)
                    Sales & Dispatch
                    iCast Pro
                    iCast Ent
                    Pro Forma Invoice
                    Sales Invoice
                    Delivery Challan
                    Packing Slip
                    Raw material Sales
                    Customer Spl Requirements and it's impact on Production & Testing
                    Inquiry regret Analysis Report
                      Contract Module
                      iCast Pro
                      iCast Ent
                      Castingwise Processwise Rate Contracts
                      Contractorwise Production Reports
                      Contractorwise Rejection Reports
                      Contractor Remuneration Calculations
                      Contractorwise Time Analysis Reports
                        Machinery & Maintenance
                        iCast Pro
                        iCast Ent
                        Tools, Equipments, Machinery Master Entry
                        Calibration Details, Reminders & Reports
                        Prev Maintenance Reminders & Reports
                        Break Down Registers and Cost-Time Reports
                        AMC Registers, Reminders and Reports
                          iCast Pro
                          iCast Ent
                          Sales & Purchase Invoice
                          Account Payable
                          Account Receivables
                          Aging Reports
                          Payment Followup Reports
                            Other Functionalities/Modules
                            iCast Pro
                            iCast Ent
                            Costing Reports Optional
                            Item Analysis Reports Optional
                            Power Consumption Charts & Reports
                            Exports Invoice & Other Export Documents Optional
                            Attendance Report (with Biometric Integration)
                            Integration with PLC/ Third Party Devices
                            Time Movement Analysis
                            DIY (Do It Yourself) Report's Formatting
                            Approval Features
                            Multiple Parts from Single Casting Feature
                            Integration with Spectrometer
                            Multi-Company Support
                            Tally Synchronization (Invoice,JV but No Inventory) Optional Optional
                            Data Backup
                            Internal Reminder System
                            System Notifications & Alerts
                            Email Scheduler Optional Optional
                            Mobile Application (Reports, KPIs and Approval)
                            Mobile Application (Floor Shop Entry) Optional Optional
                            iCast Web Access Module Optional
                            On the Fly Reporting